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1. A BusinessMan 2. A Factory Worker 3. Birth of Gavinska 4. Broken Company 5. Dead Sames 6. Good Guy 7. He is a Lucifer 8. Nicest 9. Aabera is Powerfull 10. Not Great 11. Vattimal's Factory 12. Wicked Man 13. A Heaven's Tale 14. About Carlsbergo 15. Best Friends 16. Fell from Heaven 17. Finding a Factory Boss 18. Gborea Has Fallen 19. Kalerum is a Corpse 20. Man with the Heavy Soul 21. Oweile 22. Son of Isolo 23. The Best 24. The Librarian 25. What's Wrong with Him 26. Wise Man 27. Zuluwaka 28. A Farm in Landolum 29. Cursed Teachers 30. His Galada 31. My loved Son 32. Plane Crash 33. Projects Man 34. The Factory Researcher 35. The Ghost of Dederai 36. Wise was Bossiah 37. Donlema's Son 38. Beroondel

1. A BusinessMan

Chapter One

Zerrubabol had some business ideas and was undecided on which to do. He thought long on which business idea to do but instead came up with another business idea.

One day while wondering about the problem God spoke to him saying:

Weigh whatever idea you want to go into and pick the most weighty. Common weight is the number of people concerned. Another weight is that people would earn more for hard projects.

Zerrubabol was happy and thanked the Lord for his advice.

Chapter Two

Zerrubabol’s wife and bestfriend Rebecca was unhappy about the amount of money he regularly sent to Battula ( a group that takes care of the poor). “It is quite small.” she complained.

She went on to say that Asselam who practised the same course as Zerrubabol is more wealthy. And wondered what was going on.

Zerrubabol replied telling her that we should try to check the details in some cases. It might not be easy but give it a try and it will reveal what is and what is not.

And from the details it is that Asselam always sold his product at an expensive price more than the Lord had set for him.

After hearing this, Rebecca apologised and hoped she didn’t make her husband unhappy.

Chapter Three

Aadulam wanted to go into the business that Zerrubabol was into. Aadulam was hoping to launch this business in another area far from where Zerrubabol lived. He thought through it and had some problems.

He prayed to the Lord God of the heavens to help him with this part and he was told to contact Zerrubabol. And that Zerrubabol was kind indeed.

Aadulam did as he was told and went seeking Zerrubabol.

Zerrubabol taught him the secrets of his business. Among what Zerrubabol spoke to him about was methods . He said that some methods could be complete and expensive and while some methods could be incomplete and cheap.

He pointed to songs and stories as examples of methods. And he said that we should read more and pray more to find more methods to solve problems.

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