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1. Judgment is Hard 2. Objects are Good or Bad depending on Who is in Charge 3. There are more Males than Females 4. Some Women are greater than some Men 5. People with a lot of servants can't go to Heaven 6. The Idea is harder to get than the Resource 7. Money is a Weakling 8. Not all Theories on Earth are True 9. God is at times not a Man 10. God is at times Female 11. The Root Teachers always live on Earth 12. Some have learnt Creature Making 13. Life is Hard 14. Goodness is Immortality not abundance of Soldiers 15. God loves Cheap Products

1. Judgment is Hard

Judgment is the act of picking which of a set of objects or persons is good or the best.

First Proof

Supposing there are three laptops in the market from Factory A, Factory B and Factory C. Intel (a computer company) must have done a good job in teaching the three factories and the laptops are all good (last five years, all come with Windows).

One might indeed be better than the other: Factory B might not have paid their staff wages properly and in fact Factory C might have suggested some things to Intel, the source of computers on earth.

This information about the three factories would most likely not be known by the buyers.

Second Proof

Electricity shocks a person if touched. And if there is too much exposure to electricity, there could be death.

Electricity is much needed on Earth to run machines.

So therefore, something that is good could also have bad properties.

Third Proof

Note: Two proofs is usually enough.

You might have seen a young person pick another young person for marriage. Then after some years in marriage, they decide to get a divorce.

Fourth Proof

This earth was created to test people, objects and ideas before taking them to heaven.

Most of us cannot build an earth.

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