Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Concept Overview 3. About Sites115 4. Sites115 Demo 5. Notes


Writing content is hard. Sometimes some contents are not wholly correct or other times the content is already existing on another’s website.

While writing content is hard, some websites find it easy to have a lot of content, for example a news website.

This book is for webmasters who have lots of content.

The Problem

When a website has a lot of content (pages) it becomes hard to organize the website clearly. Organizing a website makes information easy to find. One method to solve this problem is to provide a search page.

This is indeed good.

Sites115 provides a method of searching websites without a database.

Why Search Without a Database?

  1. Databases add an extra layer of costs to a website.
  2. It is faster to get the information from the web layer than for the web layer to get the information from a database and then return it to the web layer before sending it to the user.
  3. Databases do not autoscale like weblayers.


  1. Markdown: While markdown is not as feature rich as HTML it is very good for writing.
  2. Using Golang to build a website.
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