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1. Judgment is till Judgment Day 2. There is Forgiveness 3. Share equally 4. Pray Always or Pray everyday

1. Judgment is till Judgment Day


Judgment is deciding which among a set of objects / persons is good or bad or best etc.

Judgment day is this opinion that all men would get their fate decided after death.

Why is this a Fallacy?

A wise man who has a lot of things to do and has time would not wait for it to pile up to do it.

If he does so he would be slow and found to be inefficient.

There are billions of people on earth. So the Judges of Heaven do not wait for the work to pile up on a Judgment day to make their judgment.

What Next?

You must note that we are constantly being judged, probably monthly for our actions.

And secondly you could pray to ask where you stand currently: Heaven or Hellfire.

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