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Sites115 Introduction

Sites115 is a static site generator.

Static sites are websites that are not powered by a database like MySQL, Flaarum etc. Sites that are powered by a database can be called Dynamic Sites

Why Static Sites?

  1. Autoscaling

    Autoscaling means resizing server capacity without human intervention. This lead to both cost gains and speed gains.

    Static sites since they are not powered by a database are easy to autoscale. Remember databases do not autoscale.

  2. Speed Gains

    Database powered websites need to make trips to a the database to generate a page. But in the case of static websites, no trips need to be made: the page is already created in the build phase.

Why Sites115?

  1. No Themes Support

    The available options on the internet all support themes from other developers. This looks lazy.

    Sites115 does not support themes. This enables the web developer to tune the generated website to his own tastes.

  2. Inbuilt Search Support

    The available options on the internet doesn't come with inbuilt search support as at the time this software was started (March 2022)

    Sites115 supports inbuilt search.

Limitations of Static Sites

  1. Static sites are only used for frontpages and blogs. That is they are better replacement to any CMS (Content Management Software) that can be found on the internet.
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