Why Paelito

Paelito is a book maker and reader Paelito checks if a book has been updated when you open it.


For Windows OS

  1. Download from here
  2. Double click the downloaded file to install

For Ubuntu OS

  1. Install with sudo snap install paelito
  2. Launch the program by running paelito in the terminal

Updating the Books that Comes with Paelito

Delete the book and it would be redownloaded.

Creating a Paelito Book

On Ubuntu the book's folder must be created in $HOME\paelito_data\p on Windows and $HOME/snap/paelito/common/p on Ubuntu

Every item of the book must be placed in the a single directory. There must not be any subdirectory.

Each book must be written using markdown. A search on Google would explain how to use it.

Every book must contain the following: details.zconf, toc.txt, cover.png, some markdown files

A bg.png (repeating sprite) is optional.

A font.ttf (custom font) is optional.


Get the details.zconf template from github and fill it for your book.


A sample toc.txt

A Business Man

A Factory Boss

A Poor Person

Bad Marriages


Birth of Gavinska


On Images

To include an image into your book, please include the image into the book folder

To display the image, say for example dd.png write it such as:


Final Step

On Windows switch to the install directory and run .\paelito_maker.exe {folder_name} in the terminal to create the book.

On Ubuntu run paelito.maker {folder_name} in the terminal to create the book

Reading a book

The book must be placed in $HOME\paelito_data\lib on Windows and $HOME/snap/paelito/common/lib on Ubuntu