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1. Space Mining is a BAD Process 2. God loves Cheap Products 3. Not all could be PROVEN and then We TEST 4. A Cheap way to Conduct a Census

1. Space Mining is a BAD Process

First Proof

Importing a vehicle from China to Nigeria (where I found myself) adds about three million naira to the cost of the vehicle (sorry there are so many currencies and their conversion rates change).

Then importing raw materials from Mars (or wherever) would add a very astronomical (very large) cost to the raw material.

Then a phone might then cost about one million dollars, if you consider the amount of money put into space mining research.

Second Proof

Mars is of color brown or brownish from the pictures.

We know that Iron (king of raw materials) is of colour black and aluminium is whitish.

What can be inferred from the color of planet Mars is indeed either sand or wood.

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