Table of Contents

1. A Farm in Landolum 2. Cursed Teachers 3. His Galada 4. My loved Son 5. Plane Crash 6. Projects Man 7. The Factory Researcher 8. The Ghost of Dederai 9. Troubles of the Musician

1. A Farm in Landolum

Chapter One

In Landolum, some men of substance got dreams that they should start or support farms. And thus Weinowal went to start a farm.

Weinowal started a farm of five hectares.

God’s angel Mephistom spoke to Weinowal saying: Now God said the smallest size of a farm is ten hectares. You see the number of people in heaven is in trillions and we need to eat thrice a day.

No problems was the response of Weinowal.

So by the grace of God, Weinowal contacted his relatives and he was able to raise the sum for a thirty hectare farm.

Chapter Two

It was common sense that since God had given the Lords of sickness reign over men, any good farm would have someone living there so as to provide quick responses to plant related illnesses.

This was followed in Weinowal’s farm.

Chapter Three

This is the report of the first year of harvest. Weinowal planted corn and potatoes. The corn did well, but the potato was kissed by the Lords of sickness. And no Seed company in the whole of Landolum could cure the potato.

It was terrible and all the potatoes had to be burnt.

In their depression for the potatoes, angel Mephistom said: it takes three or more years to make profits from some businesses, especially farming.

Chapter Four

During the fifth planting season from his first, the angel Mephistom spoke to Weinowal saying: I have seen your fields and I noticed you planted only corn (maize). Is it only corn that my people would be eating?

Weinowal: It is not as it appears. Half of the planted area is sweet corn. Which is meant for men directly. The other half of the planted area is cow and chicken corn which is not meant for men directly.

Weinowal: I don’t have the means to go to all the markets to find what to plant. So I continued with corn. Please tell God to tell me something else to plant.

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