Table of Contents

1. A Heaven’s Tale 2. About Carlsbergo 3. Best Friends 4. Fell from Heaven 5. Finding a Factory Boss 6. Gborea Has Fallen 7. Kalerum is a Corpse 8. Man with the Heavy Soul 9. Oweile 10. Son of Isolo 11. The Best 12. The Librarian 13. What's Wrong with Him 14. Wise Man 15. Zuluwaka

1. A Heaven’s Tale

Chapter One

About seven thousand years ago; also about the creation of the first earth; Gartogade created the computer. And was thus known as the Iron Lord.

Iron are materials that are not used in creature factories and also can’t be used as food for creatures. Some of them are poisonous.

Then four thousand years ago, Vatti completed vehicle research and produced the first vehicle.

And so Gartogade lost his title and Vatti was now given the title of Iron Lord.

Chapter Two

In the year 2020: Gartogade (Computer Lord) proved to God that driverless vehicles are indeed possible.

And so Gartogade regained his title as Iron Lord.

Many and indeed many were behind the success of the Iron Lord (Gartogade). But Mardara was the most loved of the friends of Gartogade during the production of driverless vehicles.

Mardara is a son of High God. And High God is a son of God. And God created this earth.

Chapter Three

God went to High God’s lands and went to see High God.

God spoke to High God: I sent you forty million people and you rejected them since they were not educated. These forty million would not lie to you, they would not waste your resources.

High God responded: How long will it take me to educate them? You know that a computer as simple as it is has eight parts. When will they read all the books on the making of a computer? Then Vatti’s vehicles had forty parts with some parts repeating. I can’t take them.

High God continued: But since You think they are that good, send them to Zarr (the Lord of Records). Because her books are not much.

And God was happy.

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