Record Keeping is Customized Software

Date: 19th May 2024


A major need for computers is record keeping. We as humans are quite forgetful. Some more than others.

In keeping records we are quickly introduced to websites because of durability. That is phones or laptops would someday break because we move them about and not so are servers. Servers are stationary and usually have some duplicates (mixing old and new servers) to prevent data loss.

So this blog post intends to solve some issues in records keeping using websites.

Record Keeping is Customized Software

Software (Programs) are usually classified to either be shared or customized software.

Shared Softwares are usually more money making than the customized software because of the number of customers involved. And thus there is the lure for some programmers to propose a one-size-fit-all software for record keeping. Popular names for such softwares are ERPs, CRMs and the rest.

But I wanted to prove that Websites for Record Keeping are indeed Customized Softwares.


Taking two companies in the same space into consideration to reduce the complexity of this proof. I pick Blender Foundation (cartoon software company) and Canonical (makers of Ubuntu, the other OS)

Some Shared Softwares for Record Keeping promises to stick to an area and thus a promise of quality.

Blender Foundation is obviously a Software firm but needs to keep records for both programmers and 3d artists. While Canonical is also a Software firm also but wouldn’t be needing to keep records for 3d artists.

So a Shared Softwares for Record Keeping for firms in the same space is not perfect and would lead to discomfort on its users. You would have more things to click and type, thus increasing the chances of errors.

Some Shared Softwares for Record Keeping would then suggest some setup / configuration of their platforms for such scenarios. This should be best done by a programmer and can lead to unclear database tables and relationships.

This can also be noticed in Hotels where some hotels have a swimming pool and others don’t.

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