On CSS Frameworks

Date: 26th May 2020


CSS Frameworks are libraries that aims to help the user reduce the task of correctly designing a site.

Most CSS Frameworks focuses on grids (which has to do with placement of information).

The Problem

The problem with CSS Frameworks is that they contain a lot of features which might never be used in one page. This then lead to increase in page size. Each increase in page size counts to the total bandwidth used by the server. This total bandwidth contributes to the cost of the website.

Also this frameworks reduces the page load speed. Because of the extra features which are not in constant use.

The Solution

The Solution is to provide a cookbook that details how to do most of the features of a CSS Framework. Then a programmer can pick from the cookbook and add to his page. Thereby reducing the size of the page and also increasing the speed of his page.

A quich search through the internet reveals such a cookbook. This is W3Schools How to section

Others such as do exists on the internet but this is quite good.

Any Comments

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