No Data Cleaning

Date: 2nd January 2023

Data Cleaning is this step in data analysis where records that are out of the structure are either rectified or deleted.

Why are we suggesting No Data Cleaning?

Data Cleaning simply implies that the data was not well collected. That is not the best means were used in collected the data.

So What Next?

Point 1

The right way to collect data is to get a programmer and create a form on a website. This is quite easy to do and is really not even close to rocket science.

I strongly suggest creating a form by a programmer than using some of these weird low-code tools. This is because of validation.

Some validation which can be quite difficult for low-code tools to accomplish includes:

Point 2

It is far better for the owner of the data to enter the data by himself / herself into the form. This helps in keeping the data very accurate. Since the owner of the data would recognise his data quite well and be able to check if the right data is entered.

I remember not long ago, in a Government Office setting. Someone was asking for my data and entering it into the computer. Only to later notice that the bank account was wrong by one number.

Any Comments

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