How to create a blog

Date: 22nd February 2022

Solution 1

Use Markdown.

Its a very easy to use markdown and convert it to html in your code. A quick search on Google would provide this.

This approach do not use a database (which are not easy to scale). This approach can be very scalable. This approach can be quite cheap since you don’t need to pay for a database.

This is the approach I used for this blog.

Problems with this approach.

It is not very comfortable for a situation where there exists multiple editors in a blog.

Solution 2

Use a Javascript Editor Library and a Database

A quick search on google can get you many editors, some paid some free. I would like to recommend trix editor . I have used this on a project.

In this method you would have to do the saving and retrieval of blog posts to a database.

This approach is easier to the user.

Problems with this approach

  1. A database is not easily autoscaled and thus this approach can generally become slow.

  2. You would need to pay for both web servers and a database server. Thereby being the expensive solution.

Any Comments

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